Real Intent and TopBrain Partner to Bring Ascent and Meridian Breakthrough Verification Solutions to China

TopBrain Becomes Real Intent’s First Distributor in China 

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and SHANGHAI – Apr. 14, 2015

Real Intent, Inc., and TopBrain Design Systems Ltd. today announced a partnership in which TopBrain will provide and support Real Intent’s Ascent and Meridian products in China, becoming Real Intent’s first distributor there. Real Intent delivers advanced verification solutions that accelerate electronic design sign-off, eliminate complex failures in SoCs, and lead the market in performance, capacity, accuracy and completeness. TopBrain provides advanced verification solutions to customers developing complex electronic designs, helping them quickly gain advanced verification capability; its products and services include advanced hardware verification methodology, tools, VIP training courses and onsite/offshore support for local customers.

Hamed Emami, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Real Intent, said, “We partnered with TopBrain due to the surging interest of engineering design teams in China for world-class verification capability. TopBrain’s founders are experienced designers well connected with design teams in high-tech centers that focus on consumer and mil/aero applications for both ASIC and FPGA designs – a perfect fit with our offerings. In addition to software products, TopBrain offers training and design services, and has offices in three regions in China. Its levels of expertise and support meet Real Intent’s standards of excellence. We are pleased to expand our worldwide reach with TopBrain’s local expertise and support for design teams throughout China.

“Roger Lee, president of TopBrain Design Systems, said, “We partner with top vendors around the world to offer leading-edge verification tools to our customers in the avionics, aerospace, semiconductor and FPGA arenas. Real Intent’s rich portfolio for early functional verification and advanced sign-off verification meets our customers’ needs. Its Ascent products provide the fastest early functional verification for clean RTL prior to simulation and synthesis, and make debug fast and efficient for linting, X-verification and optimization. Its Meridian products accelerate sign-off verification of clock domain crossings and SDC in 100+M gate SoC designs. We are pleased to partner with Real Intent to make these unparalleled solutions available to the customers we serve.”

About TopBrain

TopBrain Design Systems is a professional IC design and embedded technology solutions provider. Its products and services include electronic design tools, chip verification and certification of outsourcing services, integrated circuit design and embedded design training. TopBrain focuses primarily on integrated circuit design, airborne electronics, aerospace electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other industries, and the most advanced chip verification and testing services for research in high-security-level requirements for embedded devices. For further information, please visit:

About Real Intent

Companies worldwide rely on Real Intent’s EDA software to accelerate early functional verification and advanced sign-off of electronic designs. Real Intent’s comprehensive CDC verification, advanced RTL analysis and sign-off solutions eliminate complex failure modes of SoCs, and lead the market in performance, capacity, accuracy and completeness. Please visit for more information.


CDC: Clock Domain Crossing
EDA: Electronic Design Automation
RTL: Register Transfer Level
SoC: Systems-on-Chip