Intent-Driven Static Sign-Off

Comprehensive RTL & Gate Level Static Sign-Off.
Clock & Reset Verification. RTL Linting.

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Reset Domain Crossing Sign-off: 4 Fundamentals to Eliminate RDC Bug Escapes

RTL Linting  &
Formal Linting

 Fastest, most comprehensive, early functional verification for clean RTL before simulation & synthesis.

Clock Domain Crossing Sign-off

High performance, precise single- & multi-mode clock domain crossing sign-off for giga-gate SoC designs.

Reset Domain Crossing Sign-off

 Industry’s fastest & lowest noise reset domain crossing sign-off, with multimode/multi-scenarios in a single run.

Multimode DFT

High capacity, comprehensive multimode DFT static sign-off   identifies RTL & gate-level design violations.

What is Static Sign-off?

Static sign-off uses search and analysis to check for design failures under all possible test cases. Static sign-off technologies can address functional (Clock Domain Crossing, Reset Domain Crossing, Linting, X-Propagation, DFT…), layout (DRC), and timing (STA) domains. Real Intent’s focus is functional static sign-off.