Product Downloads

Thank you for visiting Real Intent at DAC 2016 in Austin.

For further information on the latest releases of our products, please look at the data sheets below.

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Data Sheets:
  • Meridian CDC: Fastest and highest capacity clock domain crossing verification solution to ensure data transfer integrity between asynchronous clock domains.

  • Meridian Physical CDC: Meridian Physical CDC is the only solution available which does complete glitch checking and netlist sign-off..

  • Meridian Constraints: Complete timing constraints management and verification solution.

  • Ascent Lint: Advanced lint analysis for syntax/semantic errors, synthesis/simulation mismatch, and naming conventions etc.

  • Ascent IIV Autoformal: Automatic sequential formal analysis for state reachability, single or pair-wise state deadlock, dead code, and synthesis pragma violations etc.

  • Ascent XV: X-propagation verification to identify X-sources in the design, correct X-optimism in RTL and X-pessimism in netlist.

Real Intent at DAC 2016