SemIsrael Interview with the CEO of Real Intent

July 21, 2019

Shuka Zhernovsky of SemIsrael conducted an interview with CEO Prakash Narain at Real Intent’s annual Israel Seminar. The original Hebrew version can be found here, and the English translation is below.


The company’s CEO visited Israel on the occasion of the annual Design Sign-Off seminar in Israel.

The annual seminar of Real Intent in Israel took place on July 16, 2019 with great success, with a large and varied number of participants.
The company, the leader of the static sign-off, hosted the seminar in Herzliya.

The seminar demonstrated the advantages of using the company’s RTL static sign-off tools, tools and updates, which were first introduced a few weeks ago during the DAC 2019.

During this interesting seminar we have won a fascinating conversation with the CEO (and founder) of the company Mr. Prakash Narain.
According to him, the past year has been a very special year for the chip companies around the world and in Israel in particular – with a relatively large number of new companies in the fields of AI and Automotive. There is no doubt that these two areas contribute to a significant growth in the field.

New companies are always an opportunity for a company with innovative technology as Real Intent, as they seek innovative solutions and diversity in traditional flow.

Mr. Narain told us that the company has a number of significant customers in Israel, and this is also evident in a larger number of participants in the seminar.

In addition, according to Mr. Narain, the most interesting (and growing) territories for Real Intent in recent times are the US, China and of course Israel.

The company continues to launch more and more new tools that are becoming an integral part of the flow of more and more leading chip companies.
Among the new tools are Verix CDC, Verix PCDC, Meridian RXV and Verix SimFix.

Uri Farkash leads the operations in Israel, and there are about 5 sales and support personnel.