SemIsrael Exclusive Interview with Real Intent CEO Prakash Narain

SUNNYVALE, CA — October 30, 2018

SemIsrael published an exclusive interview with Real Intent CEO Prakash Narain, here.

The English translation:

SemIsrael: Where do you see Real Intent as a company?

Prakash: Real Intent is driving the creation and adoption of Static Sign-Off solutions in the Verification flows. Currently, verification flows are dominated by Simulation with Formal Solutions starting to gain traction. However, Formal Solutions have severe capacity limitations and require significant verification resources for success. Static Sign-Off provides efficient and customized verification solutions for targeted verification problems. Currently, Real Intent is offering Verix-CDC and Verix-PCDC for CDC Sign-Off, Meridian-RDC and Meridian-RXV solutions for Reset Sign-Off, along with Ascent-Lint and Ascent-AutoFormal solutions for verification efficiency. Both Verix and Meridian family of products are production proven for giga-scale designs and can be easily deployed in design flows.

SemIsrael: How important is Israel and its market for your company?

Prakash: Israel market is critical for Real Intent. Israel has a thriving Semiconductor industry made up of global businesses as well as very successful local companies. We see customers involved in high end designs using complex and sophisticated design flows. This matches the target customer profile for Real Intent as we are focused on providing significant productivity advancement for such flows.

SemIsrael: Is it difficult for a small-size EDA company to remain independent during these days of consolidation in EDA? Can small EDA companies compete with big EDA companies on products and support?

Prakash: Yes, it is possible for smaller-size EDA companies to remain independent, compete, be successful and thrive in the current environment. EDA has always been a space where creativity and advancement is rewarded. A smaller company can be successful, thrive and grow as long as it is able to truly innovate and provide significant gains for the customers. Traditionally, real innovations in EDA have come from smaller companies. This continues to be the case now. Real Intent is being successful and thriving.

SemIsrael: Where does Real Intent fit into all of the complexity of the EDA flows going forward?

Prakash: As I have already said, Real Intent is on a mission to create significant advancement in Verification by creating Static Sign-Off solutions for multiple verification problems.

SemIsrael: What is current trend driving logic design and verification?

Prakash: Continuous innovation is causing a continuous increase in design complexity. Creative new systems and applications are being imagined and built with AI adding a new dimension to the systems. Companies are busy integrating this with existing systems to create even more sophisticated and powerful systems. IP reuse in SOC integration is growing and the increasing design complexity is driving up the verification cost as compared to other costs of IC design.

SemIsrael: What is the biggest challenge facing the EDA industry today?

Prakash: The biggest challenge facing the EDA industry is the reducing talent pool of EDA technologists. This is making it harder to innovate with pace. At the same time this creates an excellent opportunity for the technologists as the demand for talent is growing.