What Our Customers Are Saying

“From the start, we noticed that Ascent Lint was very easy to run. Within minutes getting it installed we were able to run the tool on our MCU IP with practically no time spent on set up. We caught a few issues even on it. Next we ran their Meridian CDC clock-domain analysis tool on our Ethernet MAC IP, a 40K gate Verilog design which had 4 different clock domains. It read our existing SDC constraints and our RTL code to automatically create its environment setup. The tool created missing “reset” related information automatically. When running Meridian to catch CDC problems, it was correctly able to identify our CNTL synchronizer and our other synchronizer structures automatically. We liked the color coding of clock domains in the RTL source and in the generated schematic of the synchronizer logic. The Meridian reports provided appropriate details of the violations without bombarding us with too much information. After the end of our eval, we decided to start using both Real Intent tools on our next IP development project. We also plan to recommend Ascent Lint and Meridian CDC tools to our consulting clients.”


-Anonymous submission ,

“We selected Real Intent’s Meridian CDC solution because of its distinct accuracy, capacity and reporting advantages over our previous methodology. Finding asynchronous crossing errors and having the excellent accuracy of the analysis reports were key to our decision. Meridian was able to detect actual design failures and yet did not report false failures. Its efficiency in reporting the exact re-convergence points in our designs, and the formal analysis of possible pulse-width errors also proved the accuracy of the tool.”


—Kenji Aoshima,
General Manager Information Systems Products Business Unit
Hitachi Metals

“We selected Real Intent’s solution because of the clear accuracy and debug advantages over other options. We determined that the adoption of Ascent IIV in our flow will contribute to improved quality of LSI designs for our communication systems. Being able to automatically analyze RTL early in the design cycle, without the need to write assertions or test-benches, was key to our decision. The smart reporting of Ascent IIV greatly reduced the size of analysis results compared to other tools and provided equal or better accuracy of results. These advanced debugging capabilities help our designers debug in a short amount of time, and reduce design errors and turnaround time for our product development.”


—Katsuhisa Ikeuchi,
Network Platform Development Division
NEC Corporation

“Brocade uses Meridian in the design flow to ensure correct clock domain crossing operations. Meridian helped us find scenarios where we missed synchronization, and has also detected glitches in vendors IP we purchase. It is easy to use. Real Intent has excellent technical support.”


—LinMing Jin,
Director ASIC PD

“NVIDIA has been a customer of Real Intent since 2000. We are extremely happy with the products, they are a regular part of our flows, and the quality of technical support is excellent. Real Intent is a reliable business partner for us because of their friendly business practice and dedication to make their customers successful.”

—Dan Smith,
Director of Hardware Engineering