Richard Goering and Us: 30 Great Years

Richard Goering at his 30th DAC, San Francisco in 2014

Richard Goering at his 30th DAC, San Francisco in 2014

Richard Goering, the EDA industry’s distinguished reporter and most recently Cadence blogger is finally closing his notebook and retiring from the world of EDA writing after 30 years.  I can’t think of anyone that is more universally regarded and respected in our industry, even though all he did was report and analyze industry news and developments.

Richard left Cadence Design Systems at the end of June (last month).  According to his last blog posting EDA Retrospective: 30+ Years of Highlights and Lowlights, and What Comes Next he will be pursuing a variety of interests other than EDA. He will “keep watching to see what happens next in this small but vital industry”.

When Richard left EETimes in 2007, there was universal hand-wringing and distress that we had lost a key part of our industry.  John Cooley did a Wiretap post on his DeepChip web-site with contributions from 20 different executives, analysts and other media heavyweights.  Here are a just few quotes that I picked out for this post:

Richard was a big supporter of start-ups and provided the best coverage that this industry could ever get.

– Rajeev Madhavan of Magma

Richard has been a cornerstone of the EDA industry since I was on the customer side. He was never influenced by hype; he looked for content. I have always appreciated his objectivity, recognizing that his analysis would go beyond the superficial aspects of an industry event or product announcement and search for the real impact.

– Wally Rhines of Mentor

Goering has been an icon for the EDA industry since I first became aware of what EDA was. EDA is an industry with somewhat loose definitions. Just as you can say that RTL is defined by what Design Compiler accepts, you can say that EDA is defined by what Richard Goering covers. If he stops covering it, will it stop being EDA?

– John Sanguinetti

Like Rajiv Madhavan, I also experienced the great support of my startup back in 1999.  A few of us had founded a formal verification company called HDAC (later Averant) and we were very surprised to end up on the front-page of EETimes when we launched.  Richard was indeed THE reporter at the number 1 industry publication.

You will want to read Richard’s last blog post.  His retrospective covers

1985, CAE/CAD, Daisy, Mentor, Valid, Orcad, Gates-to-RTL, function verification, ESL, high-level synthesis, lawsuits, standards wars, DFM, brain drain, and Where is EDA Headed?

For the last 6 years, Richard’s steady hand has covered industry trends and developments on behalf of Cadence. Never one for hyperbole and exaggeration he was always been a good read.

Goodbye Richard.  You will be very much missed.